The name is Bond. Caleb, Bond. This is the second session referenced in the previous post. My son had a soccer game more than an hour away and I needed to hustle to get back to Lansing to meet with Caleb for his session. 

We started off at the Cooley Gardens in Lansing where we had great weather. The sun was a little harsh so we tried to stick to the shadows. We continued on to Michigan Avenue, to get a great photo with the Capitol in the background. With the effect I was trying for I ended up using my 400mm f/2.8 to really get compression behind him and the photo turned out really well.

Finally, we ended up on the campus of Michigan State at Forest Akers golf course. Caleb is a golfer and wanted to incorporate his passion into his photos, similar to Jake and Corina

The sun was setting, and the photos ended up looking like they were straight out of a magazine. Caleb was a great sport and I had a blast working with him. He was my last senior for 2021, and I think we went out with a bang!

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