Corina Hernandez’s Senior Portraits turned out exceptionally well! First let me say that I was completely unprepared for how busy my October was going to be. I had an unusually slow summer, but things really picked up towards the end of September. Corina was a victim of my scheduling difficulties and we had to split up her session in to two different days. 

It’s not something I usually do but it was the only way we could make her full session work. We started off in DeWitt taking photos in the park before moving on to the softball stadium to take another themed session there. I know I mentioned in my previous post about how much I loved taking themed photos – well I really enjoyed the softball theme with Corina. Not only did she have a killer smile but she had a fierce pose when she was serious.

The photos were on fire! The second part of the session we met up at the fish ladder in Old Town Lansing, and had another awesome session there. The flannel and colors really added to the shoot. 

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