The 2021 Fall Minis was the second year that I’ve done the Christmas Mini’s at the Tannenbaum Tree Farm. As mentioned last year, I have been going to this farm to get my Christmas tree for the last 36 years. My family has had a tradition, that rain or shine we go on Black Friday. I’ve been thrilled to be able to share this great location with my customers.

Unfortunately, this year I was a little late in advertising it, so I was only able to get two families to come. But both of these families have supported me in the past and I have loved working with both of them. From Alli’s Senior Photos, to the Post’s endorsement for sport photos, it’s been a great experience.

The day was relatively cold, but the families braved the cold weather and shrugged off their coats for some Christmas card worthy material. 

Great smiles all around to get ready for the holiday season. 

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