Oh what a fun session this was! When originally discussing photos with Jake he wasn’t sure he wanted to take senior photos, but after we started talking about what passions he had and discussing how we could incorporate them into his session I could see the gears in his head start to turn.

Fast forward a couple months and we’re at the historical village in Okemos with his dirt bike in the back of his truck. Jake started off relaxed and with a killer smile. It was a lot of fun to take photos with him. After the historical village we moved on to the Harris Nature center for some photos in his track outfit. He wanted to take some running shots so we found a spot where he would be able to kick up some dirt while he was sprinting and he ran a few times while I grabbed the shots. One of those which is featured below had the light hit the dust just right to illuminate it behind him as he sprinted by.

Finally, our last stop was an open field where he got his bike down and did a couple wheelies, one of which I featured on my instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUBAq88pOGw/

Finally we grabbed a couple of still photos and my favorite one of the night with high contrast in his helmet, side lit, with the sun setting in the back ground. 

I had so much fun doing this themed shoot with Jake, I hope I can incorporate other passions into senior shoots in the future! 

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