It’s always exciting to work with new clients. I had originally taken photos for this family during both of our children’s gymnastics performance and afterwards they asked me if I would be willing to take family photos of them. I traveled over to their house early in the morning trying to beat the rain, but as soon as I unpacked I felt a couple sprinkles. Hoping that it would pass quickly, we all hurried outside to their neighbors backyard. It was spectacular, if I ever wanted to set up an outdoor area to shoot portraits it would look very similar to this. they had a fish pond, lovely flowers, flagstone path through their yard and even a small waterfall! We started taking some pictures then the rain began to come, we took photos with everyone dressed up a bit, with the kids feeding the fish (which was adorable), and some group photos. After that everyone hurried inside to change into MSU apparel (my kind of family) and when they were done it was starting to rain. This gave an opportunity to get some cute shots with umbrellas, the kids really lightened up and were having fun and after a couple shots the rain let up enough we were able to do a few more poses.

Overall the photos turned out great, the kids were relaxed, everyone had really great smiles and were fun to photograph. I look forward to working with them again.

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