Pregnancy announcements are very exciting! They’re filled with so much happiness and surprise! I was so excited to hear that my friends were expecting, I found out from the husband during a business lunch! They asked me if I would be able to take their announcement photos and I said I would be glad to!

The Jada’s both enjoy math and wanted to incorporate it into their maternity shots just like they had in their engagement announcement. They told me that they wanted to be able to do a picture with “Husband + Wife = 3”. The first problem this presented is that we didn’t have any chalk, secondly, we would have to find a building that was facing the sun to get rid of the hars shadows that come up early in the afternoon during fall in Michigan.

Luckily for us the Horticulture building at Michigan State was facing West for our shots, that combined with a little bit of photoshop work ( which I will highlight in an upcoming blog post) allowed us to re-create the pictures they had imagined! Take a look at my sample below and let me know which ones you like best!

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