It’s the weekend! After a busy week of photography I finally feel like I get to take a breath. and get back to blogging. Last Tuesday I was back to Grand Ledge for another senior photo shoot, this time with Rachel. We tried a different location and went down to Oak Park to get photos by the ledges. Tuesday was much hotter so I was glad a lot of the session was in the shade!

Rachel was a trooper, she had to brave a pretty sketchy walk way in heels, but once we got down to the ledges it made for a really nice back drop. After getting some in front of the ledges we moved over to the woods and back up to the park area for some other great shots.

After finishing up in Grand Ledge we retreated to the air conditioned cars and drove to Wuldemar Nature Center off Old Lansing Road. We had to walk a long way in the humid Michigan weather through trails with mosquitoes and poison ivy. In retrospect, probably not the best idea, but the resulting photos speak for themselves and we had a few great backdrops. The greens worked well with Rachel’s white dress and we found a well that worked really well as a location.

We also stopped by an old railroad track to get some portraits and detailed shots on our way to Old Town in Lansing.

After another wardrobe change we setup in Old Town for some additional photos. Rachel hung in there for the whole shoot and had some of her best photos at the end. We utilized some great angles with the buildings and found a stone wall that worked well with her outfit. 

It was another great session, I had a lot of fun working with Rachel and loved how well the photos turned out! 

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