Good morning! I know it’s been a while since my last post, this weekend I had another opportunity to capture a major milestone in someone’s life by taking Eva’s senior photos. I first met Eva’s family when I donated a photo session for a fundraiser. Eva’s mom won it as part of her prize pack (I’ll be posting about this soon as well but for now here’s a photo from that session:)

This spring the Wilson family reached out to me and we booked a senior photo shoot on 7/12, she had shared a few ideas with me on Pinterest so I could get an idea of their style and make sure I had all of the equipment I needed for the shoot. The day of the shoot I packed up the car with external lighting, my monopod, my lenses, extension cords, and camera and headed out to Grand Ledge so I could be an hour early to scout a few locations.

One of the locations that we wanted to take a look at was Old Town, so I drove through looking at different options for photos (along the abandoned railroad tracks, down by the river, and older brick buildings) then proceeded out to Grand Ledge to get an idea for the photo shoots. I arrived about an hour before the shoot would start and explored Lincoln Brick Park’s trails, scouting ideal photo locations. Because we are still physically distancing I wore my mask around the park. It was a cool day and I was shaded so it wasn’t too hot yet. I fought some rough terrain and tried to climb around some of the ledges to get an idea of photo locations for Eva’s shoot. After coming up with a few ideas I headed back to the car to wait. 

Once Eva arrived I was able to get my equipment out and immediately start working through the poses and locations. We went from some of the abandoned brick buildings, down to the small lake back up to the ledges to take some great photos. The lighting near the brick park worked out really well, the afternoon session allowed the harsh summer sun to back light Eva in entry way for the bricks, which illuminated her already gorgeous hair. I love black and white for these photos because it accentuates the light and you don’t get caught in the colors and tones.

After we were done in Grand Ledge we headed to Old Town Lansing to take pictures near some of the historic buildings and along railroad tracks. We found some great spots and were able to get some great shots! While we were walking down the river trail we stumbled across a really well lit spiral stair case we wanted to try, the resulting photos were gorgeous!

Eva was a trooper, and it seemed like her photos were getting better as the day went on (I had apologized for the timing being during dinner). For our last stop of the day we headed back to Williamston for evening photos on the tennis courts. Eva’s a great tennis player and wanted to incorporate this part of her life into her photos. We had a specific idea that we wanted to get during the sunset and the Michigan skies cooperated! 

I absolutely love how these photos turned out, Eva had a great photo presence and here photos were stunning and powerful. If you made it this far thank you for sticking with me. Eva, I hope you have a great senior year, and thank you for letting me capture this amazing milestone. Go Hornets!

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  1. Ben,

    Thank you so much for these amazing photos! You did a fantastic job of capturing my beautiful daughter and making her feel special on her day. I am looking forward to the upcoming family pictures and seeing your amazing work again!!!


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