2021 seemed to be a year of catch up, because of the pandemic people were trying to capitalize on a summer where COVID cases were down, and vaccinations were widely available. That was the case for Amanda and Hugh. Amanda originally contacted me about an engagement session at MSU. She was trying to fit in a wedding that had been put on hold due to COVID. 

As venues still had restrictions on attendees, Amanda reached out to me on July 1st, for a last minute elopement at the Sparty statue on MSU’s campus. Luckily, I was available, and we agreed to meet for a quick ceremony and photos. 

Everything came together so well, the weather was beautiful, and not too hot as it was later in the day. The sun cooperated and we had some excellent back lit photos for the formal portraits. The students on campus were also very friendly, honking and yelling congratulations to the beautiful couple. I’ve curated a few of my favorite photos below, let me know which is your favorite! 

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