We had more than our share of hot summer days this year, and what better way to spend sunny summer day in Michigan than on the lake! When I arrived at the gorgeous family home I realized how many great back drops were available for the photos, after the families started arriving we set up the swing set so that the photos could be back lit and still have shade for an even lighting on everyone’s faces. 

 We rotated through families and grandparents / grandchildren before moving to the playset for individual grandchildren photos.

After we finished with the front yard we headed off to the lake front to take photos with with the water in the background. I love how these turned out and everyone’s outfits played into the beach house feel. In between the shoots the kids needed a little snack break to power through a few more shots. The family hopped on the boat and took it out on the lake while I stood on the deck and shot some great photos in the water.

I’ve said it before but one of the great perks of doing photography is getting to meet so many people. I had a great time photographing the Kildea family. I hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as I do!

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