I had a great start to August. The 1st was a start to a busy weekend of family portraits and a busy month for photography. Saturday was a gorgeous day, we got started bright and early, I left early to scout out locations like I usually do, and found out that the original location we wanted to try wasn’t available. (The art mural outside of the new Zynda’s restaurant in downtow). So I drove around and found that the Common’s was available and the sun was just starting to peak through the tree’s. 

As the family started arriving, I introduced myself to those who I hadn’t met before and got setup for the photos. We got started right at 9:30 and were at the first location for about an hour, but the photos turned out great. How often do you get all of the kids to look at you?!?


The backdrop at the Commons was gorgeous for black and white, and it allowed the family to be back lit. I loved the way the light poured in behind the trees and it was a strong start. 

After we wrapped up at the commons we drove over to McCormick Park for the second stop. We stopped along the Red Cedar River and took some photos on the little boardwalk in down town. We did some individuals and then walked across the street to the other side of the park to get some more family photos.

To wrap up the day I followed some of the kids around the playground taking candids of them. 

As you can see with the photos there were smiles all around, I couldn’t wait to get home to edit and publish the photos. I hope you enjoyed the post, and if you haven’t yet please throw me a like on my facebook page: https://facebook.com/obrienphotomi. Have a great one!

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