Hello again! I just got back from a friend’s wedding in Texas. Now, living in Michigan I’d totally take Texas in February over Michigan any day. The weather was gorgeous and the food was great. The bride is one of my wife’s best friends and we weren’t going to miss this wedding. It was quite the whirlwind, we flew in Thursday morning departing Detroit at 7:15, we arrived had lunch then went and checked into our hotel. That night there was a wedding shower and the next day we had the rehearsal:

The bride had asked if I was willing to take photos of the rehearsal and the dinner, so I did. My first thought when I saw the church was awe, it was easily one of the biggest churches I have seen in person. The rehearsal lasted just about an hour, there was an official run with the priest and then two dry runs with the wedding planner. Here are a few pictures from that.

After the rehearsal the guys had their bachelor party and the girls went back to the hotel to get ready for the next day. The wedding itself was beautiful. I was about six rows back and able to get a pretty good shot of the bride and groom, including the first kiss (it’s the cover photo if you couldn’t tell). After the wedding was over we headed to the Heritage Ranch and Country Club in McKinney, for cocktails and the reception. The hall was absolutely beautiful and everyone had a great time. People were dancing throughout the whole reception until they had to shut it down, and after the reception the bride and groom left through a sparkler tunnel. I hope all of you enjoy the photos!

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