My how time has flown, this was my first child photography session (outside of my own children). I had no external lighting, no backdrop, no props, I had my Canon EOS 40d and my on Camera Speedlite. D was just 6 months old for this shoot and we had it at his parents house in Grand Ledge. His parents were huge sports fans and wanted to incorporate some sports props in their photos. I loved the red hockey gloves contrasting with the blue shirt. D loved the hockey stick, so much so that by the time we were done it might have had one or two teeth marks on it! He was such a happy kid and easy to work with, he didn’t mind me or his parents moving him around for the shot.

My favorite portraits were when we went outside. It was late April and everything was just starting to bloom, and his parents had this adorable top hat for him. I thought his pictures made him look like a little mobster. Overall this was a great session, it started me on my photography journey and brought me to where I am today.

Posting this at the end of winter, especially after the foot or so snowfall we had over the last two days, makes me long for spring again, so I can get back outside and start shooting. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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