Fresh fallen leaves, mild temperatures and lots of colors! Being a Spartan, I always enjoy shooting around Michigan State’s campus, and it was no exception this October afternoon!

I was honored to be asked to shoot my brother in law’s engagement photos. I always feel like there’s additional pressure shooting for family, you’re no longer “the photographer” but rather you’re the brother, or the sister, the cousin, or the nephew. The shoot went really well, we had good weather and six great locations. The first area we stopped was a park in DeWitt, we took some photos down by the Looking Glass River, on some benches and on a bridge, the next stop was actually a private residence we drove by on the way to Michigan State, it was a long driveway, lined with maples on both sides. I stopped there and asked the owner if they would mind if we took some photos in their driveway and they said it was ok! Below in the images you’ll see one of the photos with a strong bokeh with yellow leaves in the background, and that was at this location.

After that we stopped at four separate locations around Michigan State and some really genuine shots. These two were a lot of fun to shoot and I hope you enjoy the sample below!

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